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    Broker Agreements & Commissions

The key benefits for IntaCapital Swiss’ Broker Agreements & Commissions

  • Exclusive Appointment
  • Commission Payments Secured
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Access to Swiss methodologies

Once your application to join IntaBrokerNet has been approved, we shall provide you with an Appointed Broker Agreement which is a binding agreement between us that protects your client confidentiality and of course your commission payments on successful business we do together.

IntaCapital Swiss reward our Brokers well and offer them a commission of 20% of IntaCapital’s remuneration on the introduced transaction.

By agreement, we are also able to add any fees agreed between the Broker and the Client to our closing charges to protect the Broker against non-payment. There are of course no charges to Brokers for joining or using our international broker network services. Presently, there are no annual fees and membership is free.

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